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Liquid light Workshop

Liquid light Workshop
Liquid light Workshop
Load image into Gallery viewer, Liquid light Workshop
Load image into Gallery viewer, Liquid light Workshop

Location: Make It Easy, Nottingham

Date: March 11, 2023 at 11:00 am

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In this workshop we will be using “Liquid light” black and white photo-sensitive emulsion to make negatives on glass!

This is the way negatives were made before film was invented and is a truly beautiful and tactile way to make pictures. 

You will get the opportunity to play with this fascinating process and coat several pieces of glass with liquid light emulsion to make your own "film".

In this part you will learn:

- How to manage and prepare glass for coating.

- How to evenly (or unevenly, if you wish) coat you pieces of glass with liquid light emulsion.

- How best to dry your coated glass.

Once these pieces of glass are ready we will use them to make exposures around the studio and Make It Easy workspace. Part of this process will be learning how to load a large format plate holder and how to use a large format view camera. We will also discuss exposure how to use a light meter.

After you have exposed your plates you will develop them in our darkroom and fix them archivally before allowing them to dry.

Once they are dry we will make positive prints from your glass negatives onto liquid light coated watercolour paper.

This is a fascinating process and a great introduction to using photo-sensitive emulsion and a super rare opportunity to be taught by one of the countries few dry-plate and photo-emulsion practitioners, Make It Easy founder Daniel Wheeler.

Suitable for all levels and abilities

This class is limited to 6 people


Please note that as your final results will be wet at the end of the workshop you will either have to collect them at a later date or we will post them to you free of charge.

This workshop need 4 participants to run. In the unlikely event that we don't get enough participants we will refund you your ticket price but cannot refund travel costs or any other overheads. You will be given 2 weeks notice if we have to cancel the workshop due to numbers.

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