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The Make It Easy Residency Programme

Cultivate has teamed up with Make It Easy, Off-Centre and the New Art Exchange to create a photographic residency programme designed to support early career artists who wish to explore the topic of sustainability through their work.

We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, and we are particularly keen to support individuals from minorities and other groups who are under-represented in photographic art. 



Society is in the middle of a transition.  The realisation that the development of modern economies has been the cause of climate change challenges us to think differently.  Avoiding its worst consequences will require unprecedented change in a wide range of social practices.  Cultivate, the company sponsoring this residency programme, is actively involved in that process.

Art and the practice of artists has a huge role to play in this; documenting the impacts that climate change is already having; challenging the societal norms that lead to such devastating impacts; exploring how and where change is possible; presenting an alternative vision of the future.


The residencies will be awarded to applicants who have already shown commitment to their artistic practice and have developed a recognized level of competency but have not yet practiced for long enough to be eligible for awards from organisations like Arts Council England.  They will typically last for six months, providing funding (a budget of up to £1000) and other practical support, including mentoring and access to the excellent facilities at Make It Easy, to develop the holder’s practice.


We do not wish to define how anyone responds to the award, it is designed to provide successful applicants with the opportunity to develop their practice in the way that best aligns with the journey they are on.  Our only requests are that you create a detailed brief for the way in which you plan to use the residency, that this has a clear goal and that you have a vision for the impact this will create.

Where appropriate, Cultivate and the Make It Easy would seek permission from you to use your work as part of their own activities.


To apply you will need to submit three digital images of your work with a maximum file size of 1MB, along with a detailed brief (1500 words) or a short video (5 minutes) describing how you will use the residency.  The deadline for applications is midnight on 15 July 2022.  

Applications will be judged during the summer with shortlisted applicants being asked to submit a portfolio of work later in July, prior to a final interview stage.  Successful applicants will be informed so that they can start their residencies in September 2022.  If you have already been involved with New Art Exchange’s ‘Big House Programme’, you will only be able to apply if you have received less than 6 hours support from that programme.

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