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Approaching Photography - Evening Sessions - July 2nd 6pm

Approaching Photography - Evening Sessions - July 2nd 6pm

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Approaching Photography - How to Be a Photographer.


Workshops focusing on how to build projects, make work and develop your practice as a photographer.

This season of 5 workshops thinking about photography has been designed my MIE founder Daniel Wheeler and Dr Mark Rawlinson; Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Nottingham. Its aim is to support your photographic practice and give you tools to create work, build projects and expand your thinking around your photographic practice. 

Why do we make pictures? What is my subject? Where does my work sit within photography? How do I make a project? All of these questions and more we will covered during our sessions. 

Our aim is that you will spend a focused amount of time thinking about your work, making pictures and getting support and critique from Daniel and Mark whilst exploring new ways of thinking about your work and expanding your practice.

Session 1 - Approaching Photography

In this introductory session we will discuss your current work and share images in print form. We will give some advice on both the contextual understanding of your work as well as support any technical needs you may have.

This session is designed to be an ice breaker and an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and for the tutors to introduce the series of workshops.

Session 2 - Ways of Making Work

In this session we will taking about ways of approaching making work. We will discuss how to create bodies of work. The art of “play” and the concept of image sequencing. We will also talk about the differences between collections of images and single images and how these approaches to making work differ.

This session is designed to inspire you to make work and give you some tools and skills to enable you to approach making work in a more constructive way. We will also be setting some “homework” in which we will individually set briefs for you to explore your practice.

Session 3 - Where does my work fit?

In this session we will talk about the world of contemporary fine art photography as well as other art forms and discuss where in this world your work might fit. We will introduce the work of other photographers and talk about their reasons for making work and their approach to their practice.

Session 4 - Supporting your further practice

In this session we will look at the work produced during the sessions in print form and talk about your practice after we finish. We will discuss possible avenues of exploration for your work and potential paths in career development. We will also briefly look at the Arts Council England “Develop Your Creative Practice” grant and see whether this might be something that could support your practice.

Session 5 - 1-2-1 session

Your final session will be a bespoke 1-2-1 session at a time of your choice with Mark and Dan to discuss your work.

There are 10 spaces available on the course and we are partially subsidising the cost of 2 places for those currently out of work. If you are unsure if you qualify or these subsidised places please don't hesitate to drop us an email.
Please note this does not include those in retirement.

The sessions with run on the following dates -

Session 1 - Monday 1st July 6pm - 8pm

Session 2 - Monday 8th July 6pm - 8pm

Session 3 - Monday 15th July 6pm - 8pm

Session 4 - Monday 22nd July 6pm - 8pm

Final 1-2-1 sessions - On a date to be arranged with the participant between Aug 12th - Sept 20th.

Please ensure that you are available for all the sessions prior to booking on the course.

We require a certain uptake to enable us to run this course. In the unlikely event that we are unable to run the course we will offer you a full refund or offer to move your booking to another suitable time/date if you are able.

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