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B&W Darkroom Hire

B&W Darkroom Hire

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At Make It Easy you can hire the wonderful facilities in our black and white darkroom!

Those who take on a Make It Easy Membership get 50% off the listed price!

All new darkroom members will get an induction to use the space free of charge, regardless of previous experience.

The membership provides you with all the facilities you’ll need to come in and make beautiful handmade prints including chemistry and there is always a trained technician around to nudge you in the right direction if you need some support.

All you need to bring is your processed negatives and your own photographic paper.

You are also able to process your own black and white film using our facilities without a prior booking as a member. We charge for DIY processing per roll and provide all the chemistry for you! We just ask that you drop us an email to give us a heads that you are coming in 24hrs in advance.

For any more technical info visit our FAQ’s page

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