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Colour C41 Dip & Dunk Developing (inc Disposables)

Colour C41 Dip & Dunk Developing (inc Disposables)

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Our C41 Dip & Dunk developing option is the VIP treatment for your colour negative film. Unlike traditional Mini-lab processing where film is pulled through the chemicals by a series of rollers, Dip and Dunk processed films never touch anything other than the processing chemicals themselves. This means there's absolutely no risk of tears, scratches or other damage occurring during the film development process - perfect for extremely important or fragile film. Push/pull processing available at no extra cost.

As an optional extra C41 Dip and Dunk processed film can be supplied with a hand printed C-Type contact sheet.

1. Choose the developing options you need above. At checkout you can add any extra notes you may think we need to know.
2. Complete payment at checkout.
3. Make a note of your order number, and include this in your parcel to send to us. This can be as simple as writing it on any scrap of paper lying around. (draw us a pic if you feel artistic!)
4. Once we receive your film, we will email to let you know we have them.

Half frame Film:
When we scan your normal 35mm film we use an "auto feed" on our Fuji SP3000 to select the frames for us. When scanning half frame 35mm film we scan 2 frames per scan as standard service. However, we do have the option on our order system for you to order "35mm half frame". With this option we will carefully manually scan your film frame by frame ensuring that the key frame is in the centre of the scan window. 

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