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5x4 - A beginners Guide

5x4 - A beginners Guide

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In this workshop we will be taking the fear out of your first 5x4 experience!

It can be daunting, not to mention expensive to use a 5x4 camera for the first time. In this workshop we will show you the fundamentals of how to use a 5x4 film camera.

This will include;

- How to choose your first 5x4 camera.

- How to set up your 5x4 camera.

- The basics of exposure reading and how to set shutter speed and aperture.

- How to properly focus your camera.

- How to load film into film carriers and load your camera to expose your film.

Once we've got used to using the camera you will get the opportunity to use a 5x4 camera to make some exposures using Fuji Instax polaroid film.

You will finish the workshop having de-mystified the use of a 5x4 camera and have some lovely polaroids to take home with you.

This workshop will run from 17:00-20:00 on Thursday March 16th at Take It Easy lab in Leeds.

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